Arthouse Gallery, Sydney


Space, as not defined through architecture or perspective, can instead be a meditative resting place between the real and imagined worlds.


Jo Davenport’s painting resides between the mark of representation, and her memory of the same image. Here, the artist steps into a position amidst what is seen, what is evoked and what is imagined, to present a depiction of the transitory space inbetween. This inbetweenness, in part, appears fanciful. However, it more accurately describes through colour, line and erasure, the process of remembering. The tectonic construction of the image emerges as many layers of citing the natural world. As one layer is consumed by the next, moments of unabashed colour or mark-making suggest the sublime hum between representation and abstraction. The mnemonic in turn is this projecting of fact into the imagination; the outcome is an abstraction that pushes and pulls at the planes of what was there, and what was believed to be there, to convey both an intellectual and sensual way of experiencing the landscape.

- 'Remembered' Catalogue Essay, Arthouse Gallery, 2013